I am a freelance writer whose body of work runs the gamut from the creation of sensitive business letters for third parties, to the development and oversight of heavily-subscribed newsletters (both digital and physical), to the writing and ghostwriting of books offered to the public by well-known publishing houses. A member of the Society of American Business Editors and Writers, I previously spent over 20 years as a principal at registered investment advisers and securities broker-dealers. My fluency in all aspects of the securities and investment advisory industries remains high, and I’ve written on a wide range of topics with relevance to both the investing public as well as industry professionals, from the most basic issues of household finance and money management, to sophisticated trading strategies, foreign market investing, and compliance issues. I have written expertly in a number of other subject areas, as well, including military history and studies, politics and government, and instructional fitness and self-defense.

On that last note, I am also an International Sports Sciences Association Certified Fitness Trainer (CFT), as well as an I.S.S.A. Specialist in Martial Arts Conditioning (SMAC), and have taught fitness, fighting techniques, and psychological strategies to both combat athletes as well as ordinary citizens seeking proficiency in self-defense. I’ve authored/produced several information products themed in fitness and self-defense, to include the book Ultimate Combat Conditioning for the Street Warrior (Paladin Press), a manual on hard-core conditioning and self-defense techniques for the citizen, as well as the unarmed combat training DVD Thunderstrikes: How to Develop One-Shot, One-Kill Striking Power (Paladin Press).

I was born and raised in the Greater Boston area. Following military service, I attended Stetson University, graduating with a BA degree in Psychology. I also went on to graduate with honors from American Military University, earning an MA in Military Studies. Concentrating in Irregular Warfare at AMU, my thesis dealt with the operational measures applied by European democracies to defeat domestic revolutionary terror groups during the latter part of the 20th century.

If you’re a professional individual or organization with a need for high-quality content, including that which may require a substantial amount of research to create, please do not hesitate to email me in order to learn more about how I may be of assistance.

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