Report: Up to 25,000 Professional Driving Jobs Per Month Could Be Lost to Autonomous Vehicles

While self-driving cars as a core component of the American transportation landscape remain many years away, they are coming…and with them, a predicted deleterious impact to the number of jobs available to those who drive for a living.


As outlined over at, a new report from Goldman Sachs anticipates that when self-driving vehicles become prevalent, professional drivers could suffer job losses at the rate of roughly 25,000 per month.

As you might expect, it is believed that truck drivers, more than drivers of other kinds of commercial vehicles, like buses and taxis, will be hardest hit when that day arrives.

The overall impact on the professional driving community could be enormous. Of all the professional drivers in the country – roughly 4 million or so of them – truck drivers comprise about 3.1 million, and that figure represents about 2 percent of everyone employed in the country. While not every human driver will be made obsolete by the advent of self-driving vehicles, it’s clear that big changes are on the horizon for those who work as professional drivers, in one capacity or another.

Additionally, the report details that sales of semi- and fully-autonomous cars will make up roughly 20 percent of the total number of car sales somewhere between years 2025 and 2030.

The bottom line is that as rare as the presence of self-driving vehicles is right now, the country is close to realizing a sea change in the way Americans are transported, and when that occurs, the effects, some of which are particularly far-reaching, will be profoundly felt.

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