Underground Bunker Company Making Millions from People Afraid of Trump

Apparently, if you’re in the business of building survival shelters, the only thing better than an Obama presidency is a Trump presidency.

Say what?


An article over at CNBC.com details the curious case of Clyde Scott, a guy who started building underground bunkers during President Obama’s tenure for those who believed his presidency represented the kind of threat to liberty that practically demanded one own a shelter.

While that surely made sense to Scott, a funny thing happened as soon as Trump replaced his predecessor in the White House: business positively skyrocketed.

It turns out that the best person to have in office to help spur sales of underground shelters was not Obama nearly as much as it is “The Donald.”

That’s right; for Scott, the underground bunker market is now driven not by tinfoil hat-wearing right-wingers…but by liberals in California and New York so afraid of the likelihood of nuclear war under Trump that they’re cracking open their piggy banks to buy shelter protection.

“We’ve had liberals coming out of the woodwork to protect themselves,” said Scott.

According to the entrepreneur, “business went out the roof” immediately following the 2016 election; he estimates that his business has increased over 500 percent since Trump’s November victory.

While Scott’s personal politics tend to lean to the conservative side just a bit, when it comes to business, he’s a political agnostic.

“The more politicians talk, the busier I get,” he says.

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