Personal Finance Guru: Here’s What You Must Do to Change Your Work Life

There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’ve fallen in a rut at work. Doing so can prove profoundly harmful, in a number of ways.

Hate your job  Feel stuck at work  Here’s what you have to do

For one thing, you’re, simply, unhappy at work, which means you’re unhappy for what may be the lion’s share of your waking hours each day.

For another, your feelings, your attitude…are likely coming across loud and clear to peers and supervisors, even if it seems to you as though you’re keeping your misery to yourself.

According to a piece over at, Ramit Sethi, a personal finance and career guru, and founder of, a website devoted to helping entrepreneurs succeed at developing online businesses, feels your pain:

“You wake up, you hate your job. You go there, you decide to spend an hour in the bathroom just so you can be on your phone away from your desk — I get it.”

Sethi, however, makes a point perhaps even more crucial than how being unhappy at work is affecting your happiness, in the present day.

According to the “guru,” it is also acting to keep you from ever getting out of the quagmire.

“Every day you are at your job that you're not being challenged, you're not being given more responsibilities, you're not building your skills,” says Sethi. “Every day you're at that job, your skills are actually deteriorating because there's somebody out there who's being given more responsibility.
“They're getting paid more and they're building amazing relationships.”

Furthermore, says Sethi, persisting in that condition essentially ensures that “you…can't catch up” with the people around you who are making functional progress in jobs that challenge them and from which they derive satisfaction.

As depressing as that sounds, though, Sethi has an answer for you.

“Get impatient with yourself.”

The answer, he says, is deciding you have, once and for all, had enough, and make the bold effort to seek out connections, even influencers, in the field in which you really want to be working.

“Once you have a vision of where you are going, then start seeking advice from those who have the job you want. Start taking people out to coffee. Start looking at other people who have built a career that you admire and learn from them.”

While it may not be in your nature to make such requests of people, don’t be shy. As Sethi points out, people, in general, tend to get excited when asked “how they did it.” People often like to have an opportunity to talk about themselves, and are particularly fond of discussing their personal journeys to success.

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