Survey: Democrats Much More Likely to “Unfriend” over Politics

If you are a Republican, a conservative, or both, you may already know this.


According to the results of a survey conducted by the nonpartisan Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI), Democrats are much more inclined to let political differences impede personal relationships than are Republicans.

“The survey…found evidence of significant fallout from the election among personal relationships,” says Robert P. Jones, CEO of PRRI. “Beleaguered Democrats were significantly more likely than Republicans to report that they unfriended someone on social media or planned to avoid certain relatives during the holidays because of politics.”

Indeed, the differences are rather stark.

The survey revealed that 13 percent of Americans, overall, “blocked, unfriended, or stopped following” another on a social media platform due to a difference of political opinion. When the numbers were examined on the basis of party affiliation, it turns out that Democrats are dumping their perceived political adversaries at a much higher rate than Republicans. The survey found that Democrats are over two times likelier than GOPers to “unfriend” or similarly disengage from someone on social media for political reasons. Additionally, Democratic women have the highest rate of political “unfriending” of all: According to the survey, 30 percent of that demographic reported leaving someone behind on social media due based on differences in political outlook.

To anyone of the Republican persuasion who spent much time on social media over the past year, none of this likely comes as a great shock. In my own circle, while I have managed to keep all of my Democrat-centered friends on Facebook, I am personally familiar with many Republicans who were unceremoniously dumped by some of their left-leaning pals during the height of the political season, when practically everyone was making at least a small handful of political posts and thus revealing at least a little of their ideology to those around them.

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