Billionaire Entrepreneur Peter Thiel: ‘What Trump Represents isn’t Crazy and It’s Not Going Away’

Peter Thiel, the billionaire tech entrepreneur who has gone very much against the grain of his peers in his outspoken support for Donald Trump, reiterated his enthusiasm for the Republican nominee for president in remarks made at the National Press Club in Washington on Monday, and did so by saying the kinds of things near and dear to the hearts of Trump’s legion of “everyman” supporters.

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As quoted over at, Thiel declared, in part, “No matter what happens in this election, what Trump represents isn't crazy and it's not going away. He points toward a new Republican Party beyond the dogmas of Reaganism. He points even beyond the remaking of one party to a new American politics that overcomes denial, rejects bubble thinking and reckons with reality.

“When the distracting spectacles of this election season are forgotten and the history of our time is written, the only important question will be whether or not that new politics came too late.”

Echoing the themes of Trump’s largely-populist agenda, Thiel also said, “Just as much as it's about making America great, Trump's agenda is about making America a normal country. A normal country doesn't have a half-trillion-dollar trade deficit.

A normal country doesn't fight five simultaneous undeclared wars. In a normal country, the government actually does its job.”
Thiel made it clear that in order to see the current path reversed…he is willing to support a candidate who is admittedly covered in warts, but who also manages to get things right with the broad strokes:

“I don't agree with everything Donald Trump has said and done — and I don't think the millions of other people voting for him do, either.

“It's not a lack of judgment that leads Americans to vote for Trump; we're voting for Trump because we judge the leadership of our country to have failed.”

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