Wells Fargo Kicks Off TV Campaign to Inform the World It’s All Okay Now

Wells Fargo wants you to know that it’s safe to go back in the water.

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Since news of the fake accounts scandal broke, Wells has been engaged, as you would surely imagine, in a great deal of damage control. Part of that effort includes doing what it can to rehabilitate its image through the use of advertising in both online and newspaper mediums. Well, beginning Monday night, the advertising campaign reached the television airwaves, as the banking giant desperately tries to spread the message that it has, indeed, changed its ways.

Wells spokesman Mark Folk, in an interview reported by Bloomberg, said, “The advertising reiterates Wells Fargo’s commitment to customers and the steps we are taking to move forward and make things right.”

Although customer traffic data and records of deposit amounts through September are said to reflect no evidence of deterioration, a recent poll indicates that 14 percent of the bank’s customers have elected to move on from Wells.

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