A Brief Note on the New England Patriots’ Cutting of Tim Tebow

No objective person who understands the game and has been paying attention this year can honestly say that the Patriots didn't give Tim Tebow an excellent chance to prove himself as an appropriately-qualified, long-term NFL quarterback. Whatever grievances anyone may have with how Tebow was treated by the Jets last season, those grievances would be wholly inaccurate this year with respect to his time in New England. The folks who look to his modest achievements in Denver as "proof" that he is a true NFL QB are choosing to ignore the fact that his raw physical talent, as great as it is, principally accounted for those successes, and that the ceiling on NFL QBs with only base physical talent to aid them is generally very low. What's more, if Tebow was sincerely interested, in the most genuine way, in simply playing in the NFL, he could have switched to another position long ago – there are plenty of college quarterbacks who have played other positions when they've moved on to the NFL, and Tebow could have been one of them; for example, the aforementioned physical gifts of his could have made him…and could make him still…an effective blocking back, to mention just one position. However, it will be up to him to decide, in terms of his interest in having a successful, or even just serviceable, career in the NFL, how truly honest he wants to be with himself, and just what the nature is of his real motivations with regard to playing pro football. He seems like a wonderful young man, and the world certainly could use more of those in places of influence, but that alone cannot be the reason he occupies an extremely valuable roster spot as a QB on any team that is a part of the most elite American-style football league in the world.

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